Bottle Tree Paintball!

The park

It's a long way in from the main road.

We took 3 taxis there; the fare was around S$16 per taxi. In contrast, I rode there and it costed me only $1.10 in petrol.

Why the name?
Because of this signature tree!
It's quite a nice place, but it's not very rural — you can see the MRT tracks in the background.

The game

Do you know? Paintball is also known as painball. It hurts when you get hit, so don't get hit.

Prasad told us not to hit his clothes cos it's expensive!

Have to attend a long briefing and sign wavier.
The instructor has to explain the rules of the game, especially the safety aspects.

If there are two rules you need to remember, it's these:

  • Never enter the playing zone without the safety mask
  • Never remove your mask in the playing zone, even after the game
After that, it's briefing of the mission objectives.

It's very simple: transport a flag and a brick from the frontline to your base. If you get hit, you have to return to your base before you re-enter the game.

Mask up, and it's time for battle!

The battle

We started the game with our guns touching the base.
Leo immediately made use of the initial confusion and rushed up to grab the flag.
Not so fast! The blue team responded with overwhelming firepower and he was forced to take cover.
The blue team made its attempt to grab the flag.

I was on the other side of the L-shape fixture. You can see me through the slit.

I was semi-exposed, so I was a good target. Later Siddarth and Prasad told me they spent a lot of bullets trying to hit me. I was hit just once.

Siddarth attempted to take the brick. Being such an open target, he was immediately hit by sharpshooters from the blue team.
Jothi and Sui Sing had grabbed the flag, but were pinned down. Sui Sing then shouted for covering fire.
The red team was firing away to prevent their escape.
I heard Sui Sing's call, so I came over from the other side. I ran over to the tyres and fired at the red team, giving time for Sui Sing to run back to the base.

I thought we had completed just the first objective, but apparently Anbu and Shen Wei had already transported the brick to the base!

The battle was over.

Areas for improvement:


That's my mask. Someone hit me bull's eye!
Those with spare rounds finished them in the shooting gallery.
A round of drinks after the game.

The game was very tiring, surprisingly, despite its short length.

Dragon fruit juice. Looks nicer than it tastes. It is not sweet at all.

Other facilities

A remote-control car track.

(Wah, these people don't have to work on a weekday.)

Building a second, more challenging, track?


Camera: Sony T50