An Adventure on Bukit Timah Hill

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Everyone ready to set out! First stop: lunch! What do you expect? Stomach comes first. :-)

We were given a choice of a normal meal and a picnic style meal. Guess which won? :-)

Giving out the treasure maps at the foot of the hill. Are they real or fake?

Checking out the route -- making sure the maps are genuine!

Beauty and the Beast.

Nadia, do you know what to do if you meet the king of the jungle?

Run faster than the others. :-D

Scout leader giving a tour of the premises. Oh, it's Soma marvelling at nature's intricate beauty.
Wonder of digital: instant preview. But Kar Shiang, next time please bring a bigger memory stick. 16 MB is not enough for a 5 Mp camera!
The deer team and the forest team. (Referring to the backdrops) First team up the hill gets.. there first.
While waiting for Jiew Liang to come (we suspected he was taking a nap :-), some of us played volleyball. We were stopped by the warden because we were such poor players that we kept hitting the trees and ferns, some of which might be national treasure.
Can't wait to set off!

"Bukit Timah Hill, here I come!"

Two minutes later.. lost already?
The first part of the slope is extremely steep. Nadia and Chen Qing are not giving up and coming down already; they are walking up backwards!
Unfortunately, we stayed on the road and didn't take the rocky path (literally).
At the summit! That didn't take too long!
Playing beachball on top of the hill? That's why I'm standing so far away from these people.

People come up to the hill for some tranquility, but we..

Notice that we are playing on a slope. The ball rolled down not once, but several times! Kenny was kind to position himself as a "goalkeeper", and he helped saved several stray shots.

This one rolled down a steep slope, but there's nothing our search-n-rescue team can't handle.

"I'm flying, I'm flying!" Oops, wrong show. We conquered Mount Bukit Timah Everest!

Next time you're up there, roll over that boulder. In there you shall find the names of 13 valiant adventurers carved there. But there's no more treasure. We took it.

Taking a shortcut. Is it steep?

These three looked like they are going to race.

Looking back to see how far we have come.
Kar Shiang demonstrating his lean-back walking style.


Camera: Dynax 7 with vertical grip and ML focusing screen

Lenses: Minolta 28/2, 50/1.4, 100/2, 135/2.8

Flash: Minolta 5400HS

Film: Fuji Superia 400, Fuji Superia 800

Printing/Scanning: Fuji Frontier machine