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So much baggage for half a day's trip.
Preparing the pit.
Preparing the salad.

First time I had salad in a bbq. Apparently it's quite tedious to prepare. Yet Nadia and Chen Qing are still smiling so radiantly. Should have looked at them one second after the shot. :-)

Thanks, ladies!

Eyeing the food even before we started!
Kok Foo becomes a bbq apprentice under the careful supervision of Kar Shiang.
Great stuff!
60% into the bbq. Rekindling the fire.

(Ambient lighting with very slow shutter speed.)

Pu Bo the satay-man. Hey, his pork satays are good!

(No flash to preserve the mood.)

Rained mildly for a short while. bbq holding an umbrella.

All told, the weather that evening was foretold by our soothsayer, Leong Kim. He predicted the rain would come after a strong gust of wind swept through us, and it did.

Leong Kim relives his childhood.
Jiew Liang and his family.
A chat by the pool-side.

This was no idle chat! We were discussing the future of HP and the direction it is taking!

"There is no unending banquet in the world." Time to pack up and go home.

And we weren't even invited to Jiew Liang's house. (It ain't me; I showered. :-)


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