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After a tiring hike at the Bukit Timah hills, what can be more relaxing than a round of tennis at Jiew Liang's condominium?

The players like you have never seen them before! Introducing our first player: Chen Qing. Characteristics: gets excited easily.

Here we see her doing a victory dance!

Look at how Leong Kim serves. One look and you know he's a pro. Okay, maybe not. But even the best gets fluttered sometimes.
Leong Kim attempting a high save. Sandeep is probably wondering if Leong Kim will sprain his back.
Jiew Liang: style is not important; as long as the ball gets across. Chandra: the calm player. Strolls to receive the ball. Soma: style. It's not how you play, it's how you look.
Nadia, what a way to play tennis. Posing after striking.

Did you learn from the same instructor as Soma?

Finally a chance for Shon to show off his flying save technique.
Bullet time catching Kok Foo using his qi to manipulate the ball.
Kar Shiang serving several balls at once to confuse his opponent. This is Tennis-unlimited -- no rules!

Where am I? I can't hit the broad side of the barn if I wanted. That's why I'm taking all these photos.


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