East Coast Cycling

Changi T3

So it's time for our team building again. After a few weeks of indecisiveness, we finally agreed on cycling. But first, lunch nearby. The T3 was chosen because it was new and most of us had not been there.
Walked the whole T3 looking for a suitable restaurant. This restaurant was nice, but it was out of our budget.
Looking at a scale model of the T3.

This is also the viewing gallery. However, there were no takeoffs and landings at that time.

A view of the checked-in area. The T3 is full glass partitions.
Finally found a restaurant at the other end of T3.
Lunch at 2 pm.
Turned out Pei Shan didn't know how to hold a pair of chopsticks properly.
Jiew Liang told us why the duck necks were not served: that's where the injections were done. Jiew Liang had already observed that the ducks were heated up using oven when he entered the restaurant. Even so, he said the ducks were the most delicious of the ones he tried.
A leisurely walk back to the other end of T3. We were supposed to play some card games, but it was already mid-afternoon, so we went straight to cycling.

East Coast

Surprisingly many people. Even the carparks were full.
$6 per hour, second hour free. Very good rates!
Getting used to the bike.

I hadn't rode a bike for so long that at first I thought the bikes were gearless. Now the gear shifters are integrated on the handle bar.

Good place to doze off.
Stop over at Bedok jetty briefly. It was too hot to stay here for long, even with the sea breeze.
The Moon was visible so early in the evening.
A little garden.
Could see the planes landing. I suggested kite flying as one of the activities here and Wee Boon said it was not allowed.
Very serene. A good place to ponder the meaning of life.
Scenic view.
Back to the garden.
Too tough to cycle up. The trick is to switch to low gear before you go up the slope. Otherwise it's too late.
A group photo.
Final rest before going back. We cycled so leisurely that I didn't even sweat!
Cable sking.
A view of the IR.
Roller blading. One of the activities I suggested was ice-skating. Response was neutral. However, only two of us ever ice-skated before, so I decided not to proceed.
The only event of the day: Shon spilled a cup when he lowered the tray on the table. Good thing Ravi got a huge pile of servets beforehand.
Jiew Liang shared his views on housing.


Camera: Sony T50