Hortpark Walk

Filled our stomachs before the walk.

Meals are always an issue for me due to my diet.

The start of the trail. You'll see this right after you come out of the MRT station exit D.

The trail up Mount Faber is called Marang trail. Unlike other parts of the trail, this trail is not lighted up at night.

Reached the top quite easily. We took just 12 minutes from the start to this point, according to my pictures' timestamp.

The steps seemed neverending when we were climbing them, though.

There are only four ways to go up Mount Faber during weekdays:
  • Cable car ($11 per person)
  • Taxi (around $4 per taxi)
  • Private shuttle bus (unknown price)
  • Walk ($0, but sweaty)

It was pretty windy at this location, so we took a short break here — under the shade, of course.

View of the other side of Mount Faber.
Walking towards Henderson Waves. Luckily the route was mostly shaded.
Finally reached the start of Henderson Waves.
Here's how it looks like in the hot afternoon.

The waves double up as resting places.

A view of Henderson road.

There is a stairs up Henderson Waves here. There is really no need to start at Mount Faber.

Yup, pretty high up.
I wonder who lives here. No fence, though.
While not on the main way, it's worth taking a short detour to visit Terrace Gardens.
Not wide enough.
Walking to the next segment. The roads can be better labeled when there are forks. We were not sure which one to take.
Start of the Forest Walk.
Don't carry loose change here.
Our destination was in sight.
A very, very long walk.
Some people lost their ultra-secludedness.
The Alexandra Arch looks better from outside than on it. A good place for TP to catch speeders, though.
Reached Hortpark, at last.
Hortpark is just behind ATP A and ATP A is "just beside" Comtech.
Very interesting solar-paneled table.


Camera: Sony T50

People who know my style will realize that the pictures shown here are quite uncharacteristic for me. Kenna complained, what to do?