Sunny Sentosa

First created on 2nd Jun 2006.

We finally have team building that extends beyond lunch after almost 2 years.

But you know what they say about wishes: be careful what you wish for, for they may come true.

Our first activity was cycling.

Chen Qing has not cycled before, but she only told us when we were already cycling half-way!

The weather was very hot! It's impossible to do any kind of activity in this heat!

I highly underestimated the amount of water that I needed. At our first stop, I bought a bottle of mineral water after asking if there were any more shops along the way (answer: no). It's a good thing I did. It was so hot that my sweat evaporated instantaneously.

We wanted to go to the Sentosa Cove, but it was very far, especially with all the up's and down's. We didn't make it.
By right we should take this shot in Sentosa Cove, but since we never went there, anywhere scenic would do.

"Sentosa conquered us!"

Original picture was a bit dark; should have used +1 EV to lighten up the foreground.

Getting rid of excess heat. I was shivering when I finished the desert!

I went through the Sentosa brochure and calculated it would cost S$150 to go through all the attractions. That's not cheap!

Going to Asia's southern most point.

What's Leong Kim looking at?

There we are! One more step and we'll fall into the sea.
A view from the towers.
Another group photo. I wanted to join them, but there was no suitable place to place the camera.
Playing volleyball.
Still playing volleyball.

Despite being at the beach, none of us touched the water except for me.

Pu Bo flying his two-handed kite.
Kar Shiang trying his best to make the kite soar. Unfortunately the wind just wasn't cooperative.

Not that the rest of us were unhelpful, but we've all tried and failed.

Nadia's turn.
Originally we were supposed to go to the Musical Fountain, but because of the strong wind and dark clouds, none of us (except me) wanted to take the risk.
Going home. This kind of lighting is where the T30 triumphs over other compact cameras.

I was slightly disappointed with today's team building. We went to Sentosa, but we didn't really see much of it.

This shot is specially put here for Kar Shiang who said "how come all my shots are of Nadia!"

The accusation is true; I took very few shots of individuals due to various reasons.


Camera: Sony T30