Team Workout

A place for carnivores...
Watch the knife, it's sharp!
Owen cutting queue. Be a gentleman!
I have to settle for the salad. But wait, did I spot a sausage?
The roasted pineapple is pretty good! Many of us ask for several helpings.
All full, ready for the next segment.
At an industrial park. In a hot and sunny day.
What a rundown building! What have we gotten ourselves into?
Leong Kim protects his precious shoes!
A daunting task ahead...
... of painting the wall!
Divya starts with the window and is almost done!
Got to peel by hand.
Free labour to move the paints outside. Human chain inside.
A trolley outside.
We moved all that? Wow!
A rest before the actual painting.
Red + white = pink!
After a couple of hours... we are done!
Very nicely done.
On the other side of the wall.
Looks real enough to use!


Camera: Sony TX5