The Wild Side

Did I go to the Bird Park by accident?

No, these parrots are semi-mascots of the Zoo.

Very good directions.

I met an ex-colleague and her husband here. It turned out her daughter likes the Zoo, so they are regular visitors.

Weekends are to rest.
Unless you are on OT.

These elephants pooped in front of the audience. I can't decide if that is part of the show.

The Zoo's ex-mascot. I think I saw her the last time I was here.

Yes, it was a long time ago... when police still wear shorts...

Strange thing to find in a zoo. I suspect this is the remnants of a park. They kept a few of the pavilions too.
There are many ways to move around, although walking can get you everywhere.

This is unlike the Night Safari, where you need to take the tram to see 60% of the animals.

They grow plants and flowers in the zoo too! Interestingly, they seemed to be grown somewhat casually — no green house.
Pale orchids fascinate me. They have a strange sort of glow and I can't help staring at them.
What are they looking at?
This, or something else? Or perhaps even someone else?
It's not wildlife without the "big guns". I think it's a 300 mm f/2.8 lens.
This is the best I can do with my "114 mm" lens. A 300mm lens will just be 1/3 the length along each axis.
The third show for the day. (We missed the first because it was before we reached the Zoo.)
Just look at the crowd. Strangely, you don't find a trace of them after the show. (The Zoo doesn't feel crowded at all.)
Turtles are slow, but they are extremely long-lived. There is an hypothesis that they live forever.

And with this, we ended our slow tour of the Zoo too.


Camera: Sony T50