The Night Falls

The Night Safari is just next door. I remember watching some Zoo behind-the-scene show that said some of the animals are shared!

You get a discount if you buy the package ticket (Zoo or Zoo/Bird Park). You don't have to visit them on the same day, but it makes sense to.

The usual first stop is to catch the show.
Didn't hear the wolf's cry, though.
The ranger was feeding an animal, in case you didn't realize.

This was extremely difficult to capture due to the low lighting. The stage is bright enough, though.

We were asked to turn off our cameras' flash, but not the AF illuminator, which can be equally bright to the animals. Guess the instructions are too difficult.

How would you feel with a snake wrapped around you? The snake looks comfortable enough.

This man was volunteered by his enthusiastic wife, believe it or not. She was busy waving to him and shooting video at the same time.

What is the show called? Oh yes. Creatures of the Night show.
Just look at the crowd. Busier than Orchard road on a Friday night.

The simple trick to avoid the crowd is to visit at 9 pm. There is still sufficient time to explore every corner of the park. You will need to find your own way home, though.

I managed to capture this while on the tram. This was the only usable shot, but I'm surprised there was even one. In case you are wondering, you are supposed to be looking at a giraffe.

f/3.8 at ISO 1000, even with Steady-Shot, just doesn't cut it for the Night Safari.

It is dark, but not as dark as this. The camera is not as adaptive as our eyes.
Not a good place to argue over directions.
This is much brighter in real life.

There is a purple hue in the sky and constant ripples in the water. I know this can come out very nicely, having taken such scene in the past using my SLR.

Should have used ISO 100 and long exposure, but I wasn't thinking straight then. (Long day.)

But my timing would be off. The best time is just after sunset, when there is still a little light left to fill-in the shadows.


Camera: Sony T50