Where Birds Roam Free

Seemingly devoid of people at 11 am on a weekend. The Bird Park is not as popular as the Zoo, I suppose.

There are no ATMs around, believe it or not. I ran out of money here, as I forgot to withdraw beforehand. Luckily, the shops accept NETS.

Is that a.. black swan?
The parrot is a colorful mascot.
I like such cut-away aquariums.
I think it knew I was shooting it.

f/3.8 at ISO 1000 just barely cuts it here.

The kingfisher. I'm partial to kingfishers because I belonged to the 'Kingfisher' sports team in primary school and we always won first — even though I never joined any activities. :-P
They looked really fake sitting still. They still looked fake when they turned their heads. Even when they opened their beaks, they still looked fake!
Of all things to be found in a Bird Park, the rooster.
The tram, a legacy of the 70s Singapore. There used to be a similar one in Sentosa (So Expensive Nothing To See Also), but it is now gone.
A bottleneck tree. Guess it is not unique to the Bottleneck park.
A "big gun". Looks like the 600/4.
An eagle. Looks magnificent when it spreads its wings, which it does every now and then.

You have to be patient when photographing wildlife.

An educational show.
A live feeding show. The trick is that the birds feed on specific seeds or worms, so you can attract them at different times.
The tallest man-made waterfall in South East Asia (at least 20+ years ago). This made quite a strong impression on me in my primary school Social Studies. I have finally experienced it.

I would rather go to the Kota Tinggi waterfall. It is natural and you can immerse yourself in the water if you want.

The parrots were kissing.
And this was sleeping, I believe.
The parrots show.
Just about everyone in the park.
The star parrot can speak and even sing in three languages.
I have a weakness for such picturesque ponds. I would love to capture this using at 28mm f/2 — the background would be subtly blurred.

If there is enough space to move back, a 50/1.4 at f/2 can also capture a similar composition, with an even better bokeh (background blur).

My lens performs poorly when fully zoomed in. Flares badly with chromatic abberations.
The last show of the day: introducing the king of the sky. They fly really low.
These eagles are able to catch the food in mid-air.
All the way from Antarctica. Make sure you don't hit any icebergs.

The gallery was fashioned as an old steamboat, like the Titanic. There was a steering wheel too. I was inspired to spin it quickly to the right.


Camera: Sony T50